A transformative experience

Harnessing the collaborative power of ASU’s faculty to develop lasting skills that deliver results for a New American University is our guarantee.

“The Leadership Academy opened my eyes to the challenges facing research universities, and to the ways in which ASU is reorienting itself to address those challenges. The training has already increased my effectiveness as a leader at ASU, and beyond."

Ariel Anbar, Professor, School of Earth and Space Exploration, Cohort I

“The Leadership Academy gave me a much broader view of the university than I had ever previously had. I not only met many people that have proved helpful to my ability to get things done at ASU, but have also benefited from seeing the various parts of ASU. Moreover, the Leadership Academy gave me insight into my own strengths and weaknesses and the belief that I could take on leadership roles successfully.”

Magda Hinojosa, Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor, School of Politics and Global Studies, Cohort III

“peerLA not only had an immediate impact, but the impact has actually grown over the months/years since my time in the program. Simply participating led others to view me as a leader, in addition to developing my self-view in that regard. I always had the skills (which I realize in retrospect, due to peerLA), but without peerLA, I wouldn’t have thought to use them beyond my own research program and lab.”

Nicole Roberts, Associate Professor, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Cohort IV

“The peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge was really helpful. I particularly enjoyed the chance to interact with colleagues I might never otherwise have met, and to learn of some of the incredible resources we have on campus to support our success as research faculty. Overall, this was a great opportunity to reflect on my practices and experiences in collaborative research, teaching and mentoring. I acquired some valuable skills in team management, and learned a lot from the experience and insights of colleagues in diverse fields and research domains across campus.”

Hallie Eakin, Associate Professor, School of Sustainability, Cohort I

“Helped me translate the charter to my leadership and helped me navigate systems in my college and across ASU more effectively.”

Cynthia Lietz, Vice Dean & Professor, Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions, Cohort II

“The Leadership Academy helped me grow as a leader by giving me new ways of thinking about leadership, new skills and practices. Most importantly it gave me an opportunity to meet and interact with other leaders at ASU and become part of a community.”

Lori Hidinger, Managing Director, Consortium for Science Policy, Cohort I

“One of the true values of The Leadership Academy was getting to know many leaders around ASU. Additionally, the workshop sessions were of value to me in terms of how to effectively manage my time and work with large, inter-disciplinary groups.”

Bruce Rittman, Professor and Director, Center for Environmental Biotechnology - Biodesign Institute, Cohort I