About the Leadership Academy

“The Leadership Academy nurtures those qualities and empowers the ASU community to take our New American University to new heights.”

ASU President, Michael M. Crow

Our Mission

The Leadership Academy will produce faculty and staff leaders who can advance the goals of the ASU Enterprise. 

What is the Leadership Academy?

The Leadership Academy (LA) provides a year-long series of trainings to ASU faculty and staff who are emerging as leaders in university activities. With a focus on developing leadership skills, supporting individuals in advancing impactful projects, and creating a diverse community of leaders, LA helps advance the goals of the ASU Enterprise. The core of the training consists of three 2-day offsite workshops, supplemented by leadership seminars throughout the year. LA participants will complete a 360 assessment, select an individualized leadership activity to put learning into practice, and work with a peer coaching group to support leadership efforts. LA also hosts networking opportunities and social events with a community of 200+ alumni. Note - The individual track of LA is also referred to as peerLA.

LA is anchored by the nine dimensions of the ASU leadership guide. Please visit the University Design page to learn more. 

Our History

Officially launched in January 2012, the Leadership Academy was created from a LightWorks initiative geared toward developing leadership skills in faculty and staff within sustainability and related research fields. These first members (cohort I) participated in workshops that shaped and advanced leadership skills while providing networking and peer-mentoring opportunities.

In January 2014, the Leadership Academy broadened its reach, looking university-wide for the brightest and best from all departments and colleges to form cohort II and subsequent cohorts.

In November 2014, the LA sponsors - the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability and the Office of Knowledge and Enterprise Development - requested the expansion of LA from the original individual leader focus to include a team element, thus the two LA tracks were created - peerLA and teamLA.

In 2018, the Office of the President became the sponsor for peerLA.

In 2019, the teamLA track was discontinued.    

value for leaders

The Leadership Academy provides a series of training workshops, supplemental “brown-bag” leadership seminars, peer coaching, and networking opportunities with alumni.

hone your skills

Develop and hone the tools, knowledge, and skills of a leader.

build your network

Create and engage a network of external and internal leadership experts and colleagues.

improve your team

Enhance communication skills and overall effectiveness of teams and projects.

criteria for leaders

The deans of each college nominate participants. If you wish to be nominated, please contact your dean. Participants must meet the following requirements:

ASU faculty or staff

Participants must hold a faculty or staff position within Arizona State University.

workshop attendance

Participants must commit to attending all three off-site workshops.

group sessions

Participants must participate throughout the year in smaller group sessions and discussions.

commitment for leaders


The Leadership Academy hosts three 2-day workshops each year. Participants are required to attend all workshops.

leadership activity

Participants must take on a "leadership activity" to practice what they're leading and demonstrate tangible progress throughout the year.

360 assessment

Participants will complete a 360 assessment, which will be used as a tool for individual development. 

peer coaching

Participation in a peer coaching group helps cohort members network and find support from peers.